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Our newest outreach is still in the beginning stages. We are in the process of purchasing a 20 acre farm/retreat in order to offer a mentorship program.

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Teenagers need to know they matter, they need to know they are loved. Our mission is to let them know we love them but more importantly God loves them and has a plan for their lives!


Teen Hopeline and The Hopeline are always looking for volunteers. Please email us if this is something you would like to do.

Joseph Rojas' life story is a testament to the power of overcoming adversity and finding renewal. For over two decades, he has shared his remarkable journey of transformation, inspiring countless individuals with his raw honesty and unyielding faith.

Rojas' path was once shrouded in darkness. He battled a drug addiction and the despair of a near-fatal suicide attempt. In a moment between life and death, in the back of an ambulance, Joseph's encounter with Jesus altered the course of his life. 

This pivotal moment became the cornerstone of Joseph's mission. He dedicated his life to fostering open and honest dialogue about the depths of struggle, the invigorating possibility of hope, and the transformative path to healing. His voice, resonating with authenticity and compassion, illuminates the road from darkness to redemption, serving as a beacon for those lost in the shadows.